GreenTech Plumbing Co.

(847) 518-5338 425 W. Talcott Park Ridge, IL 60068

GreenTech Plumbing Co.

Green Tech Plumbing is a full service plumbing contractor specializing in sustainable residential and commercial plumbing services for both new construction and remodels. We are a local company serving Park Ridge and it's neighboring communities. Our professional plumbing technicians are experts dedicated to continuous education regarding sustainable plumbing technology. As new “green” plumbing product and methods emerge like radiant heat, solar thermal, closed loop gray water or rain water harvesting   you can count on GTP to be the most knowledgeable plumbing company on the subject and will recommend the best, most affordable solution.

We strive to stay within our local boundaries, support local businesses and be as efficient as possible at all times. 75% of  Green Tech's fleet of vans, trucks and machines are fueled via Bio-Diesel. We donate used working fixtures to Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill industries. The staff has degrees in environmental studies , civil engineering  and are stacked with certificates that are associated with the industry.

Park Ridge is our home and we plan on staying, so lets work together on making sure we leave  small footprints wherever we go!





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